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aka, "The Barbecue Butcher"

Do you own a grill store? How about a cooking/barbecue club? I'm available for demonstrations, meat  and barbecue/cooking questions on all types of meats.
I'm an expert on ceramic grill cooking...can I help you at all??

FREE video...cutting up a chicken (click here)

Beef Tri-Tip dinner

Brats & Vidalia/Bluecheese/Cheddar Burgers

Don't forget to order my new cook book!

Coffee Crusted Flat Iron Steak

To see the steak recipe, how I fixed and cooked it, plese click on THIS link

Prime Ribeye Steaks

Cuban Mojo Pork Sandwich

IBP's USDA Choice NY Strip

What is a "London Broil" and where does it come from?

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