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Primo Ceramic Smokers and Grills

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Primo Oval Large

Primo Oval Junior

Why buy a Primo Oval? Click here for 13 good reasons!

For discussion on the Primo ceramic grill, click HERE

Completely Dry Aged

Five NY Strip Steaks

Cooked perfectly on the Primo

Primo Kamado Round

Full Oval set up with drip pan racks and extended cooking grids

Made in the USA Primo Grills & Smokers

First of it's kind!! A ceramic grill BBQ cook book. Click here for more info....

Pork Ribs

New Grill Store in South Lee County!!!
T&G Propane and Grills

16277 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste B

Ft. Myers, Fl 33908


M-F 8-5

Sat 9-5

Stop by and say "HI" to Tim & George

More Info, Click Here

My Out Door Kitchen

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