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St. Louis Style Ribs

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Dry Aging Beef the DryBagSteak way!

Dry Aged Rib Eye

All foods and recipes from this site have been cooked on Primo Ceramic Grills & Smokers, made here in the United States of America (Atlanta)!!!

Primo Grills & Smokers

Dat's a Lamb Shank!
Lamb Shank Dinner

The last decade has seen a tremendous change in the way you, the consumer, buy meat. If you look closely at the meat counter you'll see that the fresh cut meat section has been reduced drastically and replaced with 'ready to eat' packaged meals, heat 'n serve meats and cry-o-vac cuts of beef, pork and chicken.

Along with the disappearing fresh cuts of meat, I'm sure you've noticed that all the meat counter personnel have also disappeared. The age of finding a highly skilled meat cutter in your large supermarkets and discount/box stores is basically over. How often have you asked some one in the meat department a question and you get a blank stare in return?Or, "I dunno"...."Ah..ah...ah..let me find out"....."Jeez, how do I know, I was bagging groceries til yesterday".

The main intent of this website is to offer you a place to ask your meat related questions and get an intelligent answer in a timely manner. I am retired now and have no allegiance to any meat company, supplier or distributor and will give you an unbiased opinion of my favorite cuts of meat and how I cook them. Just remember one thing, there is NO such thing as a tough piece of meat. It's all in the prep and the cooking. Don't believe me? Just ask and I'll prove it to you.

Some of the pictures, articles and links on this site are barbecue related because that is the way I cook all my meals, but don't let that stop you from participating. I cook on  Ceramic Grills and Smokers because of their versatality, dependability, quality of craftmanship. Check the back page of this web site for more information on Ceramic Grills and Smokers.

Be sure to check out all the pages, listed at top of this page for various pieces of information and links to other great sites.

Bacon Wrapped Ribs

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Prime Rib cooked on the Oval

The above Prime Rib was all cooked on my Primo Ceramic Grill and Smoker.

Some seafood

Ask-A-Butcher, aka The Barbecue Butcher, has co-authored a BBQ Cook Book featuring 228 pages of recipes, tips, bbq info and more! Click the link below for more infomration...

Addicted To BBQ cook book

Shrimp, etc

Whole lil piggy!

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