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About Me
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So, what makes me think I'm an expert on meat,poultry and grilling?

The past forty three years!

I started out in the grocery business at a very young age, stocking shelves, bagging groceries, cleaning meat coolers, shoveling sidewalks, etc. One day I was asked if I wanted to learn how to cut meat. The head meat cutter had quit and the owner of the store started teaching me the basics. Shortly thereafter, he went into the hospital and I was on my own. We had a telephone installed beside the meat block and that is how I learned to cut meat. Lots of trial and error, many, many screw ups (thank goodness it wasn't a video phone!). Later I was promoted to Market Manager. As the single store grew into a small chain, I grew with it, becoming Perishable Director responsible for meat, produce, dairy and frozen food. I managed to still spend a goodly amount of time cutting meat while filling in for days' off, vacations, sickness, etc in the various store locations.

The Saga Continues

All good things come to an end and I left the grocery business to open my own deli and butcher shop. It was quite successful, but was forced to sell a couple of years later due to health reasons. Warm climates called and I ended up here in Ft. Myers, Florida. I worked for a large grocery chain in the Southeast as Market Manager for several years until health, once again, directed me else where.

I just co-authored a BBQ book with two of my bbq buddy' here for more info!

And so on...............

In between those positions, and some after, I've spent time as a chef in a hotel, bartender, short order cook, catering biz owner and been a consultant to area butcher shops. Meat, food, beverages, etc have been a MAJOR part of my life and it time for me to share, if you allow me, my knowledge and experiences.

The Present

Ask-A-Butcher spends his day playing Golden Tee Golf and taste testing various craft beers and small batch bourbons.

Four Local Primo Users Discussing Weather!!

In Memory of Lyle E. Graves, 8/17/20-2/29/04
A loyal public servant and veteran who served his country proudly in World War II, the Korean conflict and two tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Special Forces. May you be in peace and find a pot of hot soup where ever you go.

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